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International Car Shipping Ft Lauderdale, FL

 International ShippingAre you planning to shift to a new country, on the other side of the planet? As exciting as it may sound, you also have to take care of a bunch of things before you actually shift to your new home. If you wish to carry your car or another vehicle to the new locale, the process can be pretty exhausting– but not when we are with you! 

 At Fort Lauderdale Car Shipping, we offer international transport with a full guarantee of safety, security, and protection. Be it cargo shipping or freight shipping, we make everything much easier for you. 

What Are The Methods of International Shipping? 

Air Freight 
One of the most popular methods for shipping your car across the globe is via air freight. As you can understand from the name, your precious vehicle will be delivered to the destination country with the help of an air carrier. We ensure that your possession reaches you in an absolutely untouched condition. It does cost more than the other methods, but with this process, your car will reach you on time, in the safest way possible. This method is great for shipping luxury cars, investment cars, and also for your other types of vehicles. 

Ocean Container
 You can also get your car delivered to another country via an ocean container. We will ship your car with immense care, and make sure that it reaches you in an intact condition.

What is the Best Way to Ship Exotic and Antique Cars? 
               The best and safest way to ship your antique cars is enclosed auto transport. Your car will be carried in a covered vehicle to guarantee maximum protection. For investment cars, you cannot afford to get even a single scratch on the body of the four-wheelers. If you’re worried that sun, rain, snow, wind, dust, dirt, etc can take a toll on the beautiful finish of your car, an enclosed carrier is your best bet. 

What is the Cost of Shipping Luxury Cars? 
                It goes without saying that shipping a luxury car is way more expensive than regular cars. When your favorite ride is in question, you should not take any risk by hiring an amateur car shipping company. At Fort Lauderdale Car Shipping, we will ship your car within just a few days. We will deliver it to your doorstep in the same condition that you had handed over to us. Considering our premium services, the price that we ask for is completely justified. To get a free quote today, reach out to us: (XXX) XXX-XXXX. 

What Makes Us the Top Exotic Car Shipping Company in Florida 

  • Fully-Insured 

               Car insurance is necessary for shipping your car. Especially when you’re the owner of an exotic car, you would look for high-level protection for your four-wheeler beauty. At Fort Lauderdale, we offer fully insured car shipping, so that your precious possession reaches its destination in perfect condition. To know more about our insurance coverage and other facilities, feel free to reach out to us anytime! 

  • Safe & Secure 

                   We will ensure that your car gets shipped in the safest way possible. We value your possession as much as you do, and we will take it upon ourselves to wrap the car with care, and take it to your desired location.  

  • On-Time Delivery And Pick Up Options 

                  When you entrust us with the job, you won’t have to worry about a single thing. We will pick up the car from the location, and ship it to the delivery point right on time. Depending on the location, we will inform you about the approximate time needed to ship your car. 

  • Experienced 

                    With years of experience in the industry, we know exactly what your car needs. Shipping can be a difficult procedure, and even more so for someone who lacks resources and experience. No matter which type of vehicle you have, we ship them with care and safety. With a highly skilled team by our side, we ensure that the entire process goes as seamlessly as possible so that you don’t get a single opportunity to complain. 

  • Friendly Customer Service 

             Whenever you need any assistance with the transportation procedure, our customer service team will always be there to help you out. Starting with scheduling a date for pick up, till the date of delivery– if you have any query, we are just a call away: (XXX) XXX-XXXX.

Emergency House Calls

For all your last minute decisions, we can help you and give you our best shot!!

Car Caring, Highly Skilled Transporter

Yes. We truly care about your car. We only hire the experienced drivers and only our best are allowed to touch your exotic and luxury cars. We have a high level of confidence in our team and we are fully insured. So there is very little worry in between destination of your precious cars!!